About us

Who we are?

iSmarta Limited loves innovative products. In a world marked by increased convergence and advanced technology, iSmarta was built upon a passion for fulfilling the customer's needs by introducing creative commodities. Established in 2016, we dedicated to meet customers wants by delivering innovative products. 


Through offering creative products and harnessing innovative methods to introduce new products to the market, we hope to satisfy the customers’ demand and solve everyone's daily life problems, which ultimately improve the quality of life.



What we sell?

We deeply believe that there is always a better and smarter (smarta) way to solve a problem and improve the quality of life. iSmarta is definitely a great choice for you!


iSmarta distributes a number of innovative products, and we are proud to be an authorized agency of White Hippo, which is a local brand established in Hong Kong. The portfolio of the products includes telepresence robot, floating speakers, and other electronic appliances that meet customers requirements of each market sector.  We are proud to be White Hippo’s agent as her missions synchronize with ours.


By introducing these products to our customers, we hope to give them a sense of joy and happiness while fulfilling the customers' needs!

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